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Become a Siren


A Siren is a woman who is enchanting. She is irresistible. She is a woman in rapture in her own body and sensuality who calls in her desires through her signature song.

The myth of the Siren.

You may be familiar with the myth of the Sirens. In many stories they are cast as enchantresses who lure passing sailors to their doom. We see this myth differently.

We see the Siren as a tale of embodiment.

Sirens live together on their own island and are free from the judgmental gazes

and expectations of the world. The island provides a safe place for the Sirens to frolic in their sensuality

as a sisterhood and is a place where they blossom into creatures of rapture.

Siren Movement is this place.

Siren Movement is an island of safety.

We are a safe haven of Sirens. From the moment you walk through our doors, you are totally expectation free. It is place to be in your sensuality and feminine curve. It gives you a way to free yourself from shame and insecurities in your body and changes your relationship with your self.

Siren Movement is devoted to the feminine.

Many factors play into our vitality as a woman. And one of these is spending time in our feminine energy. It is easy to be swept away in masculine energy in order to be a successful woman in a modern world. And we absolutely need time in our feminine side to turn on our innate joy, splendor and sensuality.

Siren Movement gives you this time and teaches you how to melt into your feminine so you can find your Siren soul.  


Siren Movement is a sisterhood.

The secret ingredient is more than the movement. It’s the sisterhood. Our studio creates an opening for female friendships that most women have never experienced. We see each other in a vulnerable way that erases competition. We revel in juicy and delicious conversations. And we share a warm community that creates profound shifts and healing.


In every woman, there is a Siren.

A woman in rapture is enchanting. She is a Siren. She lives in your sensuality. She lives in your pleasure. She lives in your erotic nature. She lives in your body.

Your body is calling.  Will you answer?

You know you can't resist . . .

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