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Become a Siren

You walk into a room and all eyes are on you. You live in bliss. You move in effortless sensuality. You are a force of nature. You are a Siren. At Siren Movement, we invite you to experience a feminine practice that allows your body to move in the curving, emotional, and sensual way she craves.

A Siren

Your body is calling.  Will you answer?

At Siren Movement, you learn to turn on your unique siren song through a blend

of our philosophy and S Factor® feminine movement practice. Our studio is a place for women to come together and feel safe to move in their curve and sensuality.

Are you ready to answer the call? Sign up for our next Siren Introduction event.

- Women only, candle lit, mirror free and perfect for every body and every age  -

Space is limited.

Siren Introduction

Your Siren journey begins here. Melt into your femininity as you learn our philosophy and sensual movement in our introductory class.

Siren Immersion

Drop in at your pleasure to this virtual paradise, from home. Immerse yourself in your sensual, fluid, emotional feminine body and continue your journey to becoming a Siren in this seductive new offering.

Siren Signature

Unveil your signature Siren in this tantalizing journey. Unleash your radiance and be split open to your deepest body bliss.


Our founding Siren

Siren Movement is the newest creation by Salt Lake Power Yoga and Peak 45 founder, Jen Reuben. After coming to a quiet place of realization that something was missing in her life, Jen discovered the world of the feminine and found her passion. She has invested years in direct study with master teachers Sheila Kelley and Regena Thomashauer in pleasure, sensuality and feminine movement preparing to bring Siren Movement to Salt Lake City.  Jen is excited to share her passion with you and watch you discover your radiance by reconnecting with your feminine self.


"I've been waiting for a class this like this to come to Salt Lake City and didn't even know it. It was a journey from feeling timid and embarrassed to feeling empowered, sexy, and untimely comfortable in our own skins.  Do this class."


| Tessa A |

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